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Welcome to Fatal Attractions! We are a post season 4 AU TVD RP / season 1 The Originals RP. We accept both canon and original characters. We use an account-per-character system. PLEASE REGISTER WITH YOUR CHARACTER'S FIRST AND LAST NAME IN PROPER CAPITALS. If you have any questions, pop into the cbox or contact a staff member!

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- Elena Gilbert
- Tessa "Qetsiyah" Meyer
- Saraiyu Arienh


Group MFNTotal
Vampire 01 05 00 06
Werewolf 00 02 00 02
Hybrid 00 00 00 00
Human 00 00 00 00
Hunter 00 00 00 00
Immortal 00 00 00 00
Witch 00 01 00 01
Totals 01 08 00 09
Members 05


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